4th and 5th July 2024, “Villa Doria” Parthenope University, Naples, Italy

The aim of the PHOENIX COST Action final conference is to communicate the range of activities and works our COST Action has undertaken in the past 4 years to the wider community. At the same time, it opens up the discussion of emerging applications in the field of bio-electrochemistry, monitoring, protection and rehabilitation of the environment. The framework of PHOENIX is about implementation in relevant and real environments; scalability and applicability of bio-electrochemical systems; bio-sensing/bio-remediation technologies; pollution detection, reduction and recycling; development of novel sensor systems and remote sensing technologies; educational and socioeconomics aspect of environmental science; WSN and ultra-low power electronics; IoT and ML techniques dedicated to improve systems sustainability.

We kindly ask you to submit an abstract that describes research, applications, and technologies on different readiness levels in the wide context of the PHOENIX networks, with the objective of paving the way for new international research collaborations and boosting the advancement of applied bio-electrochemical research. Hence, we welcome researchers in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and social sciences, including specialists on economic, life cycle assessment and educational sciences, offering the opportunity to come together and share insights into these continuously expanding fields of technology. Abstracts should be no longer than 1 side of A4, font-size 12 (Times New Roman) and it would be preferable if some data, in the form of 1 graph/table and 1 image/photo were also included.
A Board of Reviewers has been assembled to rigorously review the submitted work, aiming for quality and innovation.

The abstract can be selected for a poster/oral presentation at the conference. The abstracts will be collected and published in the book of Abstracts of the “PHOENIX final conference”.

The abstract submission deadline is the 15th of June 2024. Enclosed is the template for the abstract submission. The abstract can be submitted by email to the following mail address: PHOENIXCA19123@gmail.com