ICIT 2024 Special Session – Bristol 25-27 March 2024

SS25: Microbial Fuel Cell: From Renewable Energy to Plug’n’Play Embedded Power Solution

Session Chair: Mieyeville Fabien 
Co-chair: Bruno Allard, Yannis Leropoulos, Vincenzo Ferrara

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) are bioelectrochemical devices that use microorganisms to convert organic ma8er into electricity through electrochemical reac:ons. They have garnered interest as a poten:al renewable energy source, especially in applications where there’s an abundant supply of organic ma8er, such as wastewater treatment plants, agricultural waste, and certain industrial processes. In this field of low TRL (Technology Readiness level), many challenges need to be addressed including low power output, cost, scalability, integration of electronic interface for energy management, reliability. This topic focuses on integrated MFC system development as autonomous power supply from embedded systems to individual buildings.

Keywords : MFC, renewable energy, DC-DC converter, energy harvesting, energy harvesting electronic interfaces